Passive Income Ideas PDF Download by leon King

Passive Income Ideas PDF Download By Leon King

Passive Income Ideas PDF: The book is written by Leon King. The link to the ebook version of Passive Income Ideas: 102 Ideas to Massively Build Wealth will be provided in this post. You can read and download it online right away. The PDF and ePub versions are both available via the link provided below.

Passive Income Ideas PDF Summary

Passive Income Idea is an excellent book with fantastic ideas for increasing your income wealth. This book contains some excellent suggestions for earning money without being paid by the hour. It also has some good ideas and information on real estate investing. Has 102 fantastic ideas for growing your wealth right now!

If you want the ability to make money without getting paid by the hour this year…pay attention. How would an extra few hundred or few thousand dollars a month sound to you? How about an extra vacation per year? Or never having to work full time again? Or traveling the world while you work?

Spending 8 hours a day making someone else rich just is NOT the most optimal way to live your life. You also shouldn’t have to live a life where you’re worried about not having enough money all the time.

A day job is just what schools taught us to attain. You’ve probably realized by now that the rich and the poor have the same number of hours in the day. So how do the rich make money?

That’s what this book Passive Income Ideas is about. In this book, you will learn 102 ways people are making money ‘passively’ right now. Some make millions with just one of the ways in this book, others combine several ways to have a comfortable living.

No matter which stage of life you’re in right now, this book Passive Income Ideas PDF will introduce you to a new way of thinking about wealth generation. This book is designed to open your mind to the ways people are making money today without going to a 9-5 job.

For instance, there are numerous opportunities in the cryptocurrency world (for those with any experience with it). For the rest of us, there are opportunities in the world of collectibles, such as watches, stamps, art, and automobiles. Another area to look into is debt-equity commodities, for those who are familiar with the term.

In Passive Income Ideas PDF, you will learn:

  • The methods by which people make money with cryptocurrency that you are unaware of (not just buying Bitcoin).
  • How real estate investing can be made accessible to the average person, as well as unusual real estate investment opportunities
  • How to use equity investing to reshape your financial life without the stress of selecting individual stocks
  • How some people purchase things they genuinely love and appreciate, then use those things to earn a living
  • Traditional passive income opportunities that you're probably already doing for free (so why not make money off of them)
  • People who use solid methods make money online from the comfort of their own home or favorite coffee shop
  • And much, much more…

This book is written in the most basic language an author can use, and anyone of any age can read and comprehend the concept. You will learn a variety of ways to make money.

Details of Passive Income Ideas PDF Download by Leon King

Book NamePassive Income Ideas: 102 Ideas to Massively Build Wealth
AuthorLeon King
Pages178 Pages
Publication DateAugust 8, 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

Passive Income Ideas PDF Free

Many people are looking for ways to earn money with little or no effort. Many ideas are presented in this book. Needless to say, there are numerous opportunities in online selling, including domain names, retail arbitrage, online courses, game development, and podcast channels. Consider vending machines, short-term car or lodging rentals, equipment leasing, franchise ownership, and ridesharing for more tangible opportunities.

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About the Book Author:

Leon King is the son of immigrant parents who started a manufacturing business in Hong Kong in the 1980s. He grew up in Vancouver and holds degrees in accounting, finance, and education from the University of British Columbia. His interests include reading, investing, making money online, and trying out the city's best restaurants. He is passionate about empowering people to pursue their dreams and making sound financial decisions. He writes books to help people build assets, reshape their finances, and make a positive impact.


Passive Income Ideas PDF Book

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