PayPal Bitcoin Exchange Invoice Scam

Scam: Bitcoin Exchange Sent You An Invoice For $499.99 USD

Don't fall for the PayPal bitcoin exchange invoice scam. You do not owe any money despite the fact that this email appears to be an estimate or an invoice from the business or from another user.

It is a scam. Do not dial any numbers or open any links in these emails.

Scammers are attempting to trick you into disclosing your personal information, money, Social Security number, and other financial information.

PayPal Bitcoin Exchange Invoice Scam 2022

Sometimes the fake estimate or invoice in these PayPal Bitcoin Exchange invoice scam emails will invite you to click a link that is claimed to fix a problem with your account or would purportedly allow you to make a payment.

Don't click on these URLs once again.

Scammers may also provide their phone numbers in these emails as an alternative. The phone numbers that appear on the fake estimate or invoice from PayPal Bitcoin Exchange go directly to them and not PayPal. They are not official PayPal phone numbers.

Do not call these numbers because the scammers will try to convince you that you need to give them your information to solve a problem. Do not attempt to dial it.

Bitcoin Exchange PayPal Scam Solution

The perfect solution here is not to entertain the fake PayPal Bitcoin Exchange invoice email scam. Instead, change your password and make it difficult to guess. Enable two-factor authentication as well. If you don't know how, just type PayPal two-factor authentication into Google. These results will take you to a trustworthy page where you can set it up.

Beyond just using a password, two-factor authentication provides an additional level of security. When you need to log back into Paypal in the future, Paypal will SMS you a code or ask you to transmit it to them using a code generator.

Only use, the official PayPal website, to enter that code. Never, ever offer passwords or codes to con artists for any reason. PayPal will never call you and request that you confirm a password or verification code.

PayPal Bitcoin Exchange Invoice Scam [Video]

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