Plan ahead to get the best deal on a weekend getaway

Travelers planning on a relaxing weekend getaway should plan ahead to find the best deals and to find the right activities. Here is some expert advice to ensure you have the cheapest and most exciting weekend vacation.


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  • pick the right destination
  • pack light
  • think about what you want out of the trip
  • think about traveling in a new way
  • look at off-season deals

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  • choose the wrong type of room
  • pack in too many activities
  • wait until the last minute to plan a trip
  • impose an impossibly low budget
  • travel on holiday weekends

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Do pick the right destination

On weekend trips travel time is the enemy. You need to reduce the time spent traveling to the destination in order to encourage a more relaxed trip. When considering driving versus flying for a weekend getaway, remember that driving isn’t free and can take up hours you should be spending relaxing. Any trip that is four or five hours or more (for example LA to Las Vegas), then you should consider flying.

Do pack light

Traveling light is a liberating experience that encourages you to get out and explore. Even if you are driving to your destination, you still don’t need eight pairs of shoes for one weekend trip. Unless you are literally going out to the wilderness or desert, you can always find anything you need at a store. Even if you have little kids, they don’t need to bring all of their favorite toys. Pack light to encourage your sense of adventure and also to save your back!

Do think about what you want out of the trip

Are you looking for a romantic getaway? Then pick a hotel with a nice view or special romance-themed elements. If you simply need some time away to yourself, then pick a destination and hotel that suits your interests. If you will be outdoors most of the time, then a clean hotel near the outdoor attractions will do just fine. If you need pool time and Mai Tais, then find a hotel with a great pool area.

Do think about traveling in a new way

Rail travel is a good option in some parts of the country that helps you avoid traffic and airport security. It’s especially fun on a scenic route that encourages you to appreciate the scenery and delve into deeper conversations with your traveling partner. If you are traveling by car with kids, think about ditching the DVD players just this one time.

Do look at off-season deals

You don’t have to follow the crowds. Consider a winter trip to Chicago or New York, or try Disney World in the fall or early spring. Many great four or five star hotels offer attractive rates during the off seasons, giving savvy travelers a great way to experience luxury at a reasonable cost.

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Do not choose the wrong type of room

A sunset-view hotel room with a Jacuzzi might be a great choice for couples’ getaways, but it’s not practical for families. Carefully review what you need out of a room and then use a room finder site to help you find the right fit.

Do not pack in too many activities

Try to remember that you are not going for a week-long vacation. Once you factor in travel time, you want to be sure you leave some moments for pure relaxation. If you have to do an activity then consider doing something on Saturday morning, so you have the afternoon and evening for a slower pace. It’s no fun going to bed Sunday night exhausted instead of refreshed.

Do not wait until the last minute to plan a trip

Some spontaneous trips are good, but prior planning will help you get the best deals ensures you’ll actually go on a trip! Hotel bookings are usually best done at least 21 days in advance for the lowest rates. Early planning means you can take off or leave early on Friday, giving you an added jump to the weekend, making a compressed trip feel like an actual vacation.

Do not impose an impossibly low budget

No matter how you do it, a weekend getaway will require you to spend some money. Don’t go on a trip if your budget won’t allow at least a few splurges such as a nice dinner out or a mimosa brunch on Sunday morning. Establish a “getaway fund” so you can really enjoy weekend trips.

Do not travel on holiday weekends

While three-day weekends are tempting, they do mean more crowds and higher prices. If you are driving to a popular destination, then you should consider the tradeoff of an extra day versus sitting in traffic. If you are the type of person to become angry even in 15-minute traffic jams, then reconsider traveling over a holiday weekend.


Weekend getaways are the perfect trip that allows you to get out of town without taking off time from work. By planning ahead and really thinking about what you want the trip to accomplish; you can have a fun and relaxing weekend trip. Book accommodations early to find the best rates so you have more cash for dining out or other splurges.

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