Advice for men on how to keep your girlfriend from cheating on you

If she cheated, it’s typically his fault. The reason for this is because women only cheat for a reason. If you and your partner are genuinely happy and both your needs are being met, then there is no reason that she will cheat on you. However, if your girlfriend or wife feels as if she is not being taken care of physically, emotionally or financially, or if she overall doesn't feel good about herself in the relationship, then the chances of her cheating on you is higher than not.


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  • make an emotional investment
  • make a financial investment
  • make a physical investment
  • be ambitious
  • be confident, personable, and successful

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  • date women with histories of sexual trauma
  • date women with histories of high emotional abuse
  • be cheap
  • be needy
  • discuss infidelity

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Do make an emotional investment

Women are emotional creatures and, therefore, emotional investment is critical to ensuring a faithful partner. Ask her how her day went, what and how she is feeling. Further, ask her about her goals, dreams and aspirations. When she begins to answer you, pay genuine attention and be present in the moment. Don’t try to offer advice or solve her problems; rather, just be an emotional shoulder for her to cry on, or more appropriately, an emotional ear for her to talk into. And, of course, talk about your future together. Women perceive time in a relationship as an investment to ultimately lead somewhere. It’s important that she knows where on the path you two are and where it is heading.

Do make a financial investment

All women enjoy receiving gifts and other items that provide a material representation of her partner’s love for her. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts, such as a car or a house; rather, women are happy to receive things as simple and affordable as a card, flowers, or even something free that you took the time to create from your heart.

Do make a physical investment

Even though it likely was initially difficult to have sex with your partner the first time, once a woman is comfortable with and loves her man, she typically wants to have sex more than he does. As such, you need to be intimate with her at least once or twice a week, if not more, to prevent her from feeling sexually undesirable and seeking that validation elsewhere.

Do be ambitious

There is nothing women hate more than unambitious, lazy men. On a subconscious, psychological level, most women are looking for someone who can support her and her offspring when the time comes (this is true of professional, high-earning women as well). A lazy, unambitious man is antithetical to that. Consider enrolling yourself in some college courses to expand your general education or to learn a craft, or perhaps consider starting a side business to make more income.

Do be confident, personable, and successful

Women are attracted to tall, confident, personable men of high social status. Although a man can’t control his height, the other attributes are attainable. Start up random conversations with people on the street to help boost confidence and social prowess. Engage your grocery store checkout clerk or perhaps the waiter at dinner. When a woman sees her man is confident and personable, she is unexpectedly more attracted to him – and less likely to stray.

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Do not date women with histories of sexual trauma

Although sexual assault and other forms of prior sexual abuse are often difficult to discuss, it’s important to do your best to avoid women who have experienced it, even if it happened just once. Why? Because past sexual trauma typically re-wires a woman’s brain to either shut down or act out, sexually. Most act out. If you are following all the “Dos” above but are dating a woman with a history of sexual trauma or abuse, then you continually run the risk of her being unfaithful. Why? Because the past experience is so traumatic for most women that they end up acting out sexually in a subconscious attempt to recreate the experience to try to better understand or learn more from it.

Do not date women with histories of high emotional abuse

If a woman is continually told by people around her that she is unattractive or has some other physical liability, she is likely to develop low self-esteem around these issues and, therefore, act out sexually to help validate her attractiveness. Unlike past sexual trauma, the low self-esteem resulting from emotional abuse doesn’t occur after just one instance; rather, it has to have occurred over a period of years, typically by people to whom she was close (e.g., family, friends).

Do not be cheap

Most women wrongfully equate spending money on them to caring about them. Unfortunately, if members of your wife or girlfriend’s peer group are often discussing how they just returned from a lavish trip or dined at a fancy restaurant, your partner will suddenly feel like she is unappreciated and can do better, potentially prompting her to look elsewhere. To avoid going broke, it’s advised to create a social circle of friends with similarly situated financial situations. When doing things socially, always offer to pay and be a gentleman. It doesn’t make sense from an gender neutrality standpoint, but it will help keep her faithful.

Do not be needy

Women don’t want to be with a needy guy. They want a strong, independent man who is able to to include her in his life, not a man who is dependent upon her life. As such, don’t make your life about her; rather, include her in it as the most important person. It’s typical for a woman to follow a man around the world in pursuit of his career, but it’s much less likely that a man will do the same. If he does, most women end up dropping him for another, more independent man who is able to live his own life and include her as part of it. Most women don’t want to sail the ship; they typically want to go along for the ride.

Do not discuss infidelity

At some point in a relationship, almost every woman attempts to bring up the topic of infidelity. Women aren’t stupid; they know men desire a variety of sexual partners, but your woman likes to think that you are different. Don’t ruin her fantasy by giving her a reason to think otherwise. If you do, she is likely to look for other partners that will tell her what she wants to hear – that she is the only one he desires sexually.


Women cheat just as much as men do, but for different reasons. When a woman cheats, it’s typically her man’s fault. Do your best to find a partner without a history of sexual or emotional abuse. Once you have secured such a partner, begin investing in her emotionally, financially, and physically, while continuing to develop your confidence, personality, income, and social status. If you are able to follow all the points outlined in this article, the probability that she will cheat is very, very low.

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