Best Bitcoin Debit Cards in 2018

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards For 2023: With Total Flexibility, and Security

In this article, we cover the best bitcoin debit cards.

Bitcoin debit cards enable you to save, pay, simply and securely, in person, online, through the phone or even through the mail.

It is super easy with bitcoin, you can buy whatever you want anywhere and anytime, so possible to use bitcoin for all kinds of businesses and transactions globally due to its acceptance internationally.

Now, I can say there is no limit especially for online entrepreneurs looking for a way to reach out to clients across the world.

Bitcoin debit cards brought about simplicity to getting paid online irrespective of your country with no restrictions – Withdraw instantly you are paid into your card and cash out anytime from any nearest ATM machine around you in your local currency.

Not only that, they can as well do everything your common credit card will do for you and even more.

So in today's post, I will be revealing some top and reliable bitcoin debit cards that I have seen to be the best online, and most of these cards were recommended by the crypto billionaires in the industry.

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards List

1. CryptoPay Card

Cryptopay card make it easy for you to cash-out your bitcoins at any time. You can easily top it up and also withdraw in your local currency. It can be used at any ATM where regular prepaid cards are accepted.

CryptoPay Bitcoin Visa Card

Card features:

  • Commission rate is low.
  • Shop anywhere with the card.
  • Free worldwide delivery(DHL Express: 3-10 days).
  • Both physical or Virtual card is available.
  • The card works online, offline and internationally.
  • Supported currency: USD, EUR, GBP
  • Card type: VISA

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2. SpectroCoin Card

SpectroCoin is known for its flexibility and quality service. The SpectroCoin Visa Prepaid Card can be used at any ATM in the world. It can be used for both online and offline shopping (in local shops, just like an ordinary payment card). 

SpectroCoin Prepaid Bitcoin Card

Card features:

  • Cards can be used at 20+ million websites and shops worldwide.
  • Withdraw fund in any ATM around you (30+ million ATMs around the world).
  • The card can be loaded in USD, EUR, and GBP in exchange for your virtual currency.
  • It can be linked to 3rd party Merchants to receive or send fund.
  • High deposit & withdrawal limits.
  • Supported currency: USD, EUR, GBP.
  • Card type: VISA

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3. Wirex Card

Wirex makes it possible to load, spend, and withdraw money in local currency or in bitcoin, anywhere around the globe.

Wirex cards can be funded by bitcoin deposit, bank transfer, or with their digital currency exchange features from their app.

Card service is available to 130+ supported countries.

Check the full list of supported countries here.

Card features:

  • Accepted worldwide.
  • Card gives you flexibility, security, and spending power.
  • Virtual and plastic Visa cards available in USD, GBP, and EUR.
  • It can be used in-store purchases, online shopping.
  • Cash withdrawal via available ATM is possible.
  • Card type: VISA

Card Fees:

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4. Uquid Card

Uquid Bitcoin Debit Card

Uquid is a registered company in the United Kingdom with ICO reg no: ZA209368.

They are still fresh in the market and have been doing great in the bitcoin debit market since 2016 providing seamless service in the cryptocurrency payments especially in bitcoins and other top cryptos like litecoin, ethereum, monero, dash and many more.

Uquid provides you with a wallet which supports fiat currencies – USD, EUR, and GBP.

Making transfers from wallet to debit card happens immediately in real-time market rates, thereby making it so possible for their users to spend their coins as fast as they would love to.

Advisable to upgrade your card to GOLD(level 2) to increase its limits.

Card features:

  • Unlimited purchases with ease
  • ATM withdrawals available anytime.
  • Free worldwide delivery(2-3days).
  • Physical and Virtual card available.
  • Supported currency: USD, EUR, GBP.
  • Can be linked to 3rd party Merchants.
  • Card type: VISA

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5. Bitpay Bitcoin Visa Card

Bitpay was founded in 2011, and has over 10,000 merchants worldwide. Bitpay is one of the largest Bitcoin payment processors, providing a secured bitcoin payment service to over 240+ countries.

Bitpay Bitcoin Visa Card

With Bitpay card, you can accept bitcoin, store and spend bitcoin with no issue, or probably turn your bitcoin into cash. Bitpay provides you with an instant withdrawals from any Visa compatible ATMs around you.

They are three plans (starter, business, enterprise) available to choose from depending on your choice. See it here

Card features:

  • Shop anywhere with the card.
  • Major currency supported: USD.
  • The card works online, offline and internationally.
  • Card available to both US & Non-US Residents(not all countries).
  • Card type: VISA

Account limits: Comprehensive details here

Get Your Bitpay Card Here!

6. Xapo Card

Xapo is a great company with awesome bitcoin payment solutions for merchants and bitcoiners around the globe, delivering wonderful bitcoin storage services with a wallet, a vault, and a bitcoin debit card.

Xapo Bitcoin Visa Card

Card service is open to 45+ supported countries. You can check if your country is included in the list here.

Standard shipping takes 10-25 days.

With your Digital Wallet and Xapo Debit Card, you can withdraw cash from any ATMs Worldwide.

To get started with Xapo, you need to download their wallet app first. It is also advisable to verify your account to raise your card limit.

Card features:

  • Supported currency: USD, EUR, GBP.
  • Card can be used online, local stores and at ATMs to withdraw cash.
  • Only physical card supported.
  • Card type: VISA

The spending limit for verified Xapo account.

Order Your Xapo Card Here!

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards Summary

One needs to be very careful and smart when selecting. Not all the crypto debit card companies online can offer you the best service, as they claim.

How do you get to decide the best bitcoin debit card to use? What are the things to consider before ordering any card? Though I have revealed some awesome bitcoin debit cards in this article, who knows what might happen tomorrow with those companies and their terms.

That's why I'll still suggest you do some background checks with due diligence to know which one is best for you considering some factors like country, charges, withdrawal limit, card services and many more.

Yet, in my opinion,

I suggest you always find out about any company and their cards to know:

  • If they are for long-term?
  • How long has the company been around?
  • Are they into any Ponzi scheme or related?
  • Is their fee or card charges reasonable?
  • Are there any additional fees in the future?
  • Do they deliver in your country?
  • Is their website or software wallets free of bugs?
  • Is their customer care services/support functional?
  • What type of card do they offer e.g. VISA/MasterCard?

I believe questions like these should strongly help in clearing any doubt and also making the right decision before ordering a card. Also, do well to check their FAQs page. There is a lot to know about their services before using them.

I hope you find this post about the best bitcoin debit cards helpful.

Finally, before you leave, we'd like you to share some trustworthy bitcoin cards that you use or know that aren't listed here but are worth recommending. We appreciate you talking about them in the comment section below!

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