5 Super PROFITABLE Ways to Make Wealth With Bitcoin

Are you seriously looking for ways to make money with bitcoin? 

Then this post is for you.

In today's post, I will discuss 5 methods you can use to make money with bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Honestly, do I have to talk about this again, I want to believe you know what bitcoin is all about. But it is better I do justice to this question with a video explanation for complete understanding.

You might skip the video and move to the next headline if you already know what Bitcoin entails but if you are a beginner, try to watch the short video clip below.

If you are just the beginner type in the crypto-currency world, by now you should know what bitcoin entails and what you can do with it through the video above.

5 Sure Ways to Make Wealth With Bitcoin Passively

The crypto-currencies market recently reached over $100 billion dollars market cap and it will skyrocket to trillions anytime soon, which means there are great opportunities for you to make HUGE money through Bitcoin.

Below are the five proven methods to make money and build legal wealth with bitcoin.

Method #1

Buy Bitcoins and keep

Keep them for the next 1-3 years

One bitcoin in price rose from basically nothing in 2009 to $9,440.65 in April 2020, and many became multi-millionaires through this by investing as much as they can.

Expert and analysts predicted the price to go up in value up to $100,000 per 1 bitcoin someday.

Isn't this mind blowing?

This is why bitcoins seem to be the most rewarding investment in the world and why you should also invest more right away?

So don't be so surprised to see why people are pulling money out like crazy out of their retirement funds, up to $500K and more from their savings & investment accounts and put it all in Bitcoins!

Instead of getting less than 3% interest from your so-called bank in a year, it's much better, safer and profitable to invest in cryptocurrency like bitcoin which in return makes you a fortune.

Did you know that 100 – 200 million of dollars are being transferred in a day worldwide into Bitcoins and soon the Bitcoin will be a trillion dollars market!

So the best time to buy Bitcoins is RIGHT NOW before the price will go up again. You can buy from my favourite website which is Localbitcoins. All countries available.

Method #2

Bitcoin Mining

This method is not so profitable as it used to be before because it's now expensive these days except you're partnering up with big mining companies and renting equipment from them, then this method might not be the best option to start with.

Method #3

Bitcoin Trading & Investing

It requires you to partner up with top legitimate companies that will trade cryptocurrencies for you using their proprietary methods, teams, expertise, and software while you get consistent returns.

Your due diligence is advised here. There are many scams out there posing to be legitimate companies, so do your smart research if you want to go by this option.

Only invest and trade through legitimate trading companies with a good reputation.

Method #4


This is another way to make good money by growing your bitcoin. So many platforms out there that have the multi-level marketing and referral feature incorporated into their system.

The more people you refer to the system, the more money you earn.

A good platform you can try out is Coinbase.com

Method #5

Trading Bitcoin Yourself

Here, all you need to do is to buy bitcoin when the price is low and sell them at a higher price.

When it becomes high in the market (this is an old and most common method). 

You can buy and also sell from a website like www.localbitcoins.com.

If you are going with this method. Try as much as possible to buy as much bitcoin you can buy (especially when the prices is low) so that you can have good profit margin when you sell when the price becomes high.

Now we have come to the end of the 5 profitable methods to make money with bitcoin. Use those methods to grow your wealth in Bitcoins!

I hope this article has helped learn ways to make wealth with Bitcoin? Do you have any questions or need help anywhere, please post them in the comment below or shoot me a private message.

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