Use self-hypnosis to satisfy cravings, eat less and lose weight

The main reason why people become overweight is by overeating. Too much food every day gives you unwanted pounds. How much is too much? Well, everybody knows his or her right portion, but the problem is satisfying the cravings. How do you remove the craving for snacks and junk food? Your subconscious mind can help you. You can hypnotize yourself to eat less. Take into consideration this advice to help you become slim with self-hypnosis.


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  • step one: get motivated
  • step two: relax
  • step three: stop liking snacks
  • step four: make your stomach smaller
  • step five: become a slim master

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  • listen to your friends or your spouse if they are skeptical
  • try any diets
  • expect fast weight loss
  • practice self-hypnosis with your friends or your spouse
  • think a lot about hypnosis

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Do step one: get motivated

Before you start to learn how to lose weight with self-hypnosis, you have to remember that you shouldn’t practice this while driving a vehicle. Right now you should check how motivated you are to lose weight. Imagine a Scale of Motivation with the numbers from 0 to 10, where 0 represents zero motivation, and 10 is your maximum desire and motivation. What number are you? If it’s 10, then excellent. But if it is zero, then don’t read any further because it’s too early for you to lose weight with hypnosis.

Motivation is a must for success and it doesn’t matter what the goal is. Hypnosis works better for those people who are very motivated. Simply saying the heavier you are the better your motivation for weight loss. So, if you rank yourself very low on this Scale of Motivation, then motivate yourself harder; look for the benefits of being slim and how to grow your desire and motivation to lose weight.

Do step two: relax

Actually, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, because hypnosis is a natural state of the human mind and it’s similar to daydreaming. Have you ever been thinking about your future vacation and seeing in your mind how wonderful it will be? Or you probably have the old photos of you taken a long time ago. When you see them you are mentally traveling back in time, aren’t you? Now you know what I am talking about. Imagining or recalling your positive event creates a good feeling, relaxation, and a state of happiness. All you have to do is practice relaxation.

Find a quiet place and sit in the chair comfortably or lay on the bed.Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Close your eyes and let your relaxation begin. Relax all your body muscles, especially the abdominal muscles, feel the warmth in your legs, arms and stomach, and imagine yourself being at a sunny beach in Hawaii. Feel wonderful by pretending that you are slim.

Practice it every day for 10 minutes. The best time to do this is before sleep.

Do step three: stop liking snacks

When you develop a habit of beautiful self-relaxation, which usually happens within 2-3 days, you can learn how to give yourself the suggestions to stop liking your snacks. In your relaxed state (step 2), start telling yourself that your favorite snacks actually stink and are tasteless. Feel how disgusting your snacks and junk food are. Feel the unpleasantness of it in your guts and stomach. Focus on that bad feeling until you have it, then open your eyes and say a couple of times, “I feel great.”

The whole self-hypnosis session will now last 20 minutes, and you will stop eating your snacks between meals.

Do step four: make your stomach smaller

In a week or so you can start giving yourself the suggestions to eat less. Do step 2, then instead of doing step 3, say to yourself that your stomach is becoming smaller and from now on you will be satisfied with only half of your normal breakfast, half of your lunch, and half of your dinner. Imagine that your stomach was large (which is not normal) and now it is small (which is normal). Feel it and see it in your inner mind. Pretend that you have a normal, small stomach.

The self-hypnosis session will still only last 20 minutes. Open your eyes and say loudly “I will become slim. I feel great.” Say it as many time as you want to so that you believe it is true.

Do step five: become a slim master

Congratulations. You have successfully stopped eating snacks and junk food simply because you don’t like them anymore. Your meal portions are normal and you are losing your weight gradually (usually 2-3 pounds a week). Your body deserves to eat better, what do you think? Now you can become The Slim Master of yourself.

Here is a top secret for you, my friend. In your beautiful state of relaxation, give yourself this suggestion: “I love my body and I take care of my body every day. I know that the best food for anybody is highly nutritious and I want the best food for my body because I want to live a healthy and happy life. I deserved it. I love myself. I forgive myself for everything. The best food for me is a natural food such as fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, brown rice, and olive oil. It’s live food that gives me vital energy. I feel great when I eat healthy food. Every day I will drink pure water and eat delicious food so that my body is slim and healthy. I am grateful for everything in my life. I am happy and slim.”

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Do not listen to your friends or your spouse if they are skeptical

Your friends and/or your spouse will more than likely be skeptical, but don’t listen to them. They could keep saying that weight loss pills and diets are what you need, that hypnosis is brainwashing you. If they are skeptical, you can say to them that the American Medical Association approved hypnosis as a medical modality in 1958 (which is true), and since then losing weight with hypnosis is absolutely possible.

Focus on your weight loss goals. Do all of the self-hypnosis steps every day and you will become slim no matter what. The best place for practicing is your bedroom and the best time is before sleep. Actually, self-hypnosis will help you improve your sleep as well because you will be relaxed and calm, thinking only about your weight loss goals. Relaxation is what you are practicing every day. The natural state of relaxation is pleasant and very beneficial for your nervous system.

Do not try any diets

Diets don’t work because in most cases on the subconscious level, you don’t want to lose weight and you don’t even realise it. With self-hypnosis, you negotiate with your subconscious mind, asking it to remove your old eating habits that made you overweight in the first place. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know if being overweight is bad or good for you, it only protects your eating habits as is. In the same way that a computer program can be changed or deleted, you can change your eating habits and then your subconscious mind will protect your new eating habits.

Do not expect fast weight loss

It is not possible to speed up the process of losing weight, even with self-hypnosis, because you will be losing your unwanted pounds at the natural speed that only your body is capable of doing without having problems. It’s a living body process. Everybody has their own metabolism. You will be losing up to 2 to 5 pounds a week with self-hypnosis because you develop new habits of smart eating. Good news is that you can have your perfect weight after you become a slim and happy person as long as you want to. Weight management is much easier when you change your eating habits.

Do not practice self-hypnosis with your friends or your spouse

You friends and your spouse can criticize you or even just laugh at you, so practice self-hypnosis alone. You need to focus your attention and concentrate your imagination on picturing yourself becoming slim. Practice self-hypnosis alone in a place where nobody can disturb you. Remember: you will become slim, no matter what. All you have to do is practice these steps every day until it becomes second nature.

Do not think a lot about hypnosis

Don’t analyse why hypnosis works for weight loss. Use it for your well being. Willpower can’t win over imagination. You will lose your unwanted pounds because you see yourself as a slim and attractive happy person in your mind. Your positive picture becomes your reality when you practice self-hypnosis. That’s why it is so powerful for weight loss.


Self-hypnosis is a very effective and natural method for weight loss without having to diet or go to the gym. There are absolutely no side effects and you can lose up to 5 pounds a week by practicing this as many times a day as you want to. Just remember: Don’t practice self-hypnosis when you are driving a vehicle.

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