What Is Walmart Connect and How Can It Boost Your Brand in 2024

Walmart Connect offers brands an opportunity to tap into Walmart’s massive brick-and-mortar and online retail ecosystem. But you may be wondering – what exactly is Walmart Connect and how does it work?

An Overview: Reach Walmart Customers Where They Shop

Walmart Connect, formerly Walmart Media Group, is an in-house advertising platform launched in 2021. It allows brands to promote products across Walmart’s omni-channel network, including:

  • Walmart.com – The #2 ecommerce site in the US
  • Walmart stores – Over 5,000 stores with 300 million monthly visitors
  • Off-site display ads – Targeted ads outside of Walmart properties

By leveraging Walmart’s data on shopping patterns and purchase history, advertisers can hyper-target promotions to customers most likely to engage.

Why Should Brands Care About Walmart Connect in 2024?

In short – growth.

  • Walmart Connect billings grew 130% YoY in Q3 2022. I forecast this rapid growth pace to continue in 2024 based on increased ad budgets and new product launches.
  • Overall US retail media ad spend is projected to increase over 40% in 2024 according to eMarketer.

And the results speak for themselves: ads influence 40% of Walmart customers to make a purchase.

In my opinion, Walmart Connect’s potential has just barely been tapped. Performance indicators show it is starting to chip away at the duopoly of Amazon and Google.

A Deep Dive Into Walmart Connect‘s Offerings

Walmart Connect features a robust suite of ad products at brands’ fingertips:

Ad ProductDetailsUse Cases
Sponsored Product AdsPaid product listings on Walmart.comIncrease product visibility and drive sales
Display AdsVisual banner ads on Walmart sitesRaise brand awareness
Video AdsIn-stream videos on Walmart.comEngage shoppers with sight, sound and motion
In-Store MediaPromotions across Walmart’s 5,000+ storesReach in-store buyers
Audience TargetingAdvertising to defined consumer groupsLaser-focused targeting to lower CPM

A core benefit of Walmart Connect is its unmatched shopper data from customers’ in-store and online purchases. Brands can serve ads precisely tailored to potential buyers’ preferences and behaviors.

And with advanced measurement capabilities, advertisers can track both online and offline performance – connecting dollars spent to sales gained.

Weighing the Potential Risks

However, brands diving head-first into Walmart Connect should be aware of a few notable risks:

  • Limited ecommerce selection compared to Amazon
  • Changes to Walmart’s vendor relationships and business strategy over time
  • Shopper data transparency concerns around privacy

Testing budget-consciously, monitoring program performance diligently, and staying nimble to shifts will be key to long-term success.

The Bottom Line

All signs point to Walmart Connect experiencing meteoric growth into a retail media juggernaut in 2024 and beyond. Smart brands should consider testing Walmart Connect campaigns now to get ahead of rising costs and unlock invaluable shopper data.

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