Prelex surgery can restore clear vision caused by presbyopia

Prelex is a new age, groundbreaking procedure and has been gaining notoriety, becoming widespread, and drastically improving lives and overall well being. In case you are not up on the latest and greatest eye procedures, you may ask what is Prelex? Prelex is a procedure used to treat the condition known as presbyopia. By the age of 45 the human eye begins to change and the need for reading glasses becomes apparent. Prelex involves replacing the eye's natural lens with an artificial Presbyopic lens.

This unique procedure allows for one to see far, middle, and near. It is a better alternative than LASIK for the over forty age group and it will last a lifetime. Prelex is a great solution for people that, do not qualify for Lasik, have early signs of cataracts, or are severely nearsighted or farsighted. Prelex decreases the need for glasses and prevents the development of cataracts. Overall, Prelex will give you great vision and save you from having to undergo cataract surgery later in life.


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  • your research on the procedure
  • your research on the doctor
  • realize the benefits
  • prepare for the procedure
  • know the cost

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  • think you are the only one suffering from poor vision
  • value price over quality
  • expect it to be covered by your insurance company
  • go to a doctor that does not provide pre-op and post-op appointments
  • rush into this

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Do your research on the procedure

You should research the procedure in depth before deciding that it is the right fit for you. Tasks such as, reading informative books, conducting effective internet research, and speaking with patients that have previously undergone the procedure will prepare you for what you can expect during the screening, pre-op, procedure, and the results that you can expect after the procedure.

Do your research on the doctor

As explained earlier, this is a new age procedure. Therefore, there are only a few doctors that specialize in this field. Be sure to research each doctor’s experience, schooling, awards, certificates, and training. A good doctor will allow you to meet with patients who have had the prelex surgery previously and possibly even watch the procedure before undergoing it yourself.

Do realize the benefits

Not only will this surgery correct your vision near, middle, and distance, but it will also allow you to see clearly without the use of glasses or contacts. Additionally, this procedure will prevent you from having to undergo cataract surgery later in life. So while this procedure may be costly, it will essentially last you a lifetime.

Do prepare for the procedure

The day of surgery you will need to rest and you will need a driver to take you home following the surgery. You should rest the day you come home, however you may return to your work schedule and daily routine on the following day. In addition, you will need to follow eye related instructions for about a week after surgery as well as visiting your doctor for follow up appointments.

Do know the cost

Although this procedure can be costly ranging from up to $7,500 per eye, patients need understand that this procedure is well worth it. Many surgeons offer payment plans such as care credit, which offer no interest plans and low monthly payments, some even offer cash discounts to help make the surgery more affordable. Additionally, certain patients may be covered by their insurance, especially if they have developed cataracts. Just remember that you are paying for a lifetime of quality vision and will never have to undergo any sort of other vision procedure.

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Do not think you are the only one suffering from poor vision

Generally, around age forty individuals begin to experience this and it continues to progress as we age. Presbyopia is a condition caused from the cornea and the lens inability to focus light. This condition makes it increasingly difficult to focus on objects, near, middle, or far. To correct this condition most people begin to wear glasses, even those that have undergone Lasik earlier in life, will need glasses around age forty in order to correct the onset of presbyopia, and restore their full range of sight.

Do not value price over quality

We are talking about your eyes. Prelex is a very intensive, permanent procedure. When compared to Lasik, it is much more involved. In addition, prelex is newly developed, so be sure that your doctor is experienced, has performed prelex on many patients, and knows what to do in a variety of situations. Prelex can be costly, you should know this going in and seek out the most eligible, successful doctor rather than the doctor that is most affordable.

Do not expect it to be covered by your insurance company

Prelex is generally not covered by most insurance companies. Therefore, patients should be aware that this surgery will be costly. However, it will save one from having to pay for cataract surgery later in life. Additionally, most doctors’ offices offer payment plans with no interest to help make the surgery more affordable. Sometimes insurance companies will cover the procedure because it helps get rid of cataracts, so it doesn’t hurt to check with your insurance provider.

Do not go to a doctor that does not provide pre-op and post-op appointments

Due to the nature of this procedure, your doctor needs to conduct several in depth appointments before the surgery date. During this time, numerous examinations and tests must be administered, instructions must be given, drops must be taken, history and physicals must be completed, as well as additional medical records gathered from various doctors. All of this before the procedure. After the procedure a quality surgeon will conduct several follow up exams. This is in order to ensure that vision is maintained and does not negatively fluctuate.

Do not rush into this

Understand that this is serious procedure that will last a lifetime. Be prepared to spend time researching reputable doctors, spend time in exams and appointments, spend money, and take this seriously.


Prelex is a great and safe alternative for individual’s ages forty and above that are looking to regain their full range of vision and stop dependency on glasses and contacts. And just because you may not have heard of it before, doesn’t mean that it is new and unsafe. The roots of the prelex procedure can be traced back to India thousands of years ago.

These simple guidelines will help patients to be more prepared for prelex surgery, pre-op and post-op appointments, what to expect during and after, and the successful results.

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