Skincare advice to help you achieve beauty from the inside out

Highlighting your outer beauty starts from within. It starts with being confident in yourself and your abilities as a woman, and never forgetting that in order to maintain balance, you must strive to be yourself in all aspects of your life, both personally and professionally. To help you achieve beauty from the inside out, through self-esteem, and makeup and skin care, here is some expert advice.


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  • portray confidence in all you do
  • love your personal and professional life
  • strive to maintain balance
  • know your body is your temple, treat it as such
  • re-evaluate your beauty regime

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  • compare yourself to others
  • fixate on change
  • overdo it
  • try everything
  • be afraid to have fun

Tiffany Fluhme‘s recommendation to ExpertBeacon readers: Do

Do portray confidence in all you do

Always strive to improve your self confidence. Often times, people can easily determine how you perceive yourself by your outward actions – namely, your body language. Portraying confidence from the inside out shows others you’re self-confident, and in turn, they will feel assurance in what you can achieve, whether it be professional or personal. When you feel beautiful, you will appear self-assured and positive. A confident woman is a beautiful woman.

Do love your personal and professional life

When you are happy and at peace with your life, both personally and professionally, you will exude positivity to everyone around you – a positive woman will attract and draw others in. It is so important to be true to yourself and to love where you are in your life – whether it be your age, your profession, or the people you surround yourself with. If you are overwhelmed by doubts, unhappiness, and/or stress, it will be obvious not only to you internally, but externally in your actions and your appearance. Figure out what you need to do to make positive changes, and then do it. Women who love the life they are living are content, and contentment will relay as beautiful.

Do strive to maintain balance

Living a balanced life is proven to minimize stress while helping you to enjoy a sense of fulfillment. Find the formula that works for you. Balance your work, family, faith, fun, and philanthropy. Everything in moderation applies to both eating habits, personal habits and professional – even beauty habits. Aim to divide your time appropriately so that every area of your life is receiving close to equal time and focus for greater ease and overall happiness.

Do know your body is your temple, treat it as such

Be sure to focus not only on your outward beauty, but your inward beauty as well. Take care of your body by drinking plenty of water. This will give your skin a fresh, hydrated glow. It’s important to eat a healthy, fresh, and balanced diet, as well as making an effort to exercise regularly will absolutely insure that you look and feel your best! While quality, nutrient-rich makeup, and skincare products are very important to your have in your beauty regimen, it’s equally important to give your body the nutrients it needs on the inside.

Do re-evaluate your beauty regime

Are you using the appropriate skin care for your age and skin type? Does your makeup application accentuate your beauty and not cover it up? Giving your skin care and makeup regimen an overhaul can do wonders and leave you with glowing, radiant skin and flawless makeup at any age. And keep in mind, your smile is your best makeup accessory.

Tiffany Fluhme‘s professional advice to ExpertBeacon readers: Don't

Do not compare yourself to others

Focus on being the best you, don’t strive to be someone else. You want to highlight your personal, positive attributes to achieve beauty from the inside out. It’s so important to focus on your greatest assets and then highlight those attributes. Confidence is contagious – love yourself and others will be drawn to you.

Do not fixate on change

Don't fixate or obsess over qualities that you feel aren't your best assets. This will do nothing for you self-esteem. Instead, focus on those that you love, and accentuate your positive aspects. Bringing light to your best assets will always positively impact your self-acceptance and boost your overall confidence. Beauty is certainty – knowing what you’re capable of and having faith in oneself.

Do not overdo it

Today everyone has access to thousands of cosmetic products and cosmetic procedures. Always be conscious not to overdo it in this department. Too much skin care, makeup, even plastic surgery, usually ends up with less than desirable results. Again, make an effort to be the most beautiful you inside and out with cosmetics that enhance your features. If you do choose a cosmetic procedure, choose wisely and conservatively as sometimes overdone results can be difficult to reverse.

Do not try everything

In addition to having access to thousands of cosmetics, beauty brands, and expert advice via Internet and YouTube tutorials – make sure when you’re testing out new trends, products and procedures to know your own skin and body and what it needs. Be sure to do the research. Develop a relationship with someone such as a tried and true industry expert, even a local esthetician, that you can trust. Ask their advice when trying out new products or procedures. Just because something works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’s best for you or going to be compatible with your skin.

Do not be afraid to have fun

Makeup and skin care should be a girl’s best friend- have fun with it, and don’t be intimidated by it. Be open to trying new colors, trends and styles. Start with a new shade of lipstick, a color you normally wouldn’t dare try and see how you feel about it. It’s important to have fun with makeup and not to get stuck in one place. You might be surprised by the colors or shades that flatter your features, your eye color and your skin tone. Go explore and don’t be afraid to experiment with your beauty routine.


Whatever your age or your skin type, remember to enjoy experimenting with new colors and seasonal trends. There are many wonderful and nutrient-rich products that exist to simplify your daily routine, without breaking the bank. Remember that highlighting your outer beauty starts from within. Make it a point to focus on being the best and most glamorous you from the inside out. Insert plenty of water and exercise into your lifestyle for a healthy, hydrated glow, and incorporate a fresh, balanced diet into your daily routine. Doing so, will help you to look and feel you’re portraying your best self. After all, a confident woman is a beautiful woman.

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