How certain yoga poses can help boost your immune system

Did you know that you can use yoga and meditation to help boost your immune system? Yoga helps to reduce stress hormones that can potentially compromise the immune system, and it also conditions the lungs and entire respiratory system to help rid your body of toxins and bring freshly oxygenated blood to organs in your body. Avoid the common cold by boosting your immune system with these yoga poses.


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  • the downward-facing dog
  • the bow pose
  • spread your legs wide apart in an intense stretch pose
  • the shoulder stand
  • the cat/cow

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  • stay static
  • eat and drink water at irregular intervals
  • allow yourself to build up a lot of stress
  • forget your vitamins
  • breath incorrectly

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Do the downward-facing dog

This short dynamic sequence, targeting the circulatory system, is an excellent all-around warm-up. It stretches and strengthens most of the major muscle groups, promoting circulation and helping white blood cells move through the body to fight invaders.

Do the bow pose

This pose puts pressure on the belly, making the digestive system stronger and healthier by increasing blood flow to the abdominal organs. And because the digestive system is full of lymphocytes, the small white blood cells that fight invaders, strengthening it boosts your overall immunity and health as well.

Do spread your legs wide apart in an intense stretch pose

This stretches the backs of the legs and the spine, while toning the abdominal muscles and organs. It helps with improve the digestive system, by aligning all of the core organs.

Do the shoulder stand

This pose puts pressure on the thyroid gland at the base of the throat, stimulating the endocrine system, which works with the nervous system and the immune system to help the body cope with stresses and fight invaders.

Do the cat/cow

This is a gentle warm-up for the spine, opens the heart and is an easy way to connect with your breath. By warming up with these simple poses, your lungs can work better, and boost the vigilance of your immune system.

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Do not stay static

Most of us sit at a desk all day without getting proper circulation to our organs. This can cause blockages and buildups of toxins and mucus that stimulate breakdowns in the body and its systems.

Do not eat and drink water at irregular intervals

Not drinking enough water and eating at strange times makes your entire immune system get out of whack. Try to regularly eat meals during the same time every day, and don’t eat big meals after 8 o’clock at night. Also, drink at least 8-ounces of fluid every day as well – at least three quarters of that should be water, which can also help you to stay healthy and avoid sugary less beneficial drinks.

Do not allow yourself to build up a lot of stress

Stress is toxic to the body. When your body is trying desperately to alleviate the inflammation that stress causes, it leaves your immune system vulnerable to invading bacteria and viruses. Practice regular stress relieving techniques every day, whether that is yoga, reading a book, writing, or simply watching your favorite show. Destressing is essential to a strong immune system.

Do not forget your vitamins

Zinc, Iron, C vitamins, D vitamins, and B vitamins are essential nutrients for a strong immune system. Supplements should be taken every day if the food consumed doesn’t contain these vitamins, and even if it is. A daily multivitamin is a great way to get the nutrients you need every day.

Do not breath incorrectly

We all know how to breath, but performing breathing exercises can really improve your immune system. Breathing technique and asana (posture) help improve the mechanical efficiency of our lungs by conditioning the repertory tract that increase the elasticity and strength of the whole lung.


When you feel a cold coming on, try some of these simple yoga poses. They aim at building up your immune system, while also getting your whole body into shape! And don’t forget to stay busy, keep yourself hydrated, eat regularly, and practice breathing techniques. If you stick to this guide, then your body will be in tip-top shape to take on any seasonal illness that may come your way.

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